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Anonymous said: I have very diverse open characters, but at least 75% of my taken characters are cishet white people. What do I do to change that?



First, it’s freaking awesome that you’re being diverse with your face claim and character choices. The fact that people may not be choosing to play them is a problem in the community and society, not just your roleplay, and there are several debatable reasons for it. Some may feel they don’t relate to certain characters if they aren’t the same race/gender/sexuality, some may be afraid they’ll screw it up or offend someone when attempting to write such characters. Even if it isn’t necessarily your fault that these characters remain open, I think I can offer a few general “do”s and “don’t”s for you to do as an admin to possibly help better your problem. Keep in mind I’m no expert on diversity, and consulting other resources would be wise.

  • Do make them their own person aside from their race/sexuality/gender/disability/whatever. Make the character interesting and compelling, and make their bio focus on their personality, motivations, and interests rather than these particular aspects of them.
  • Don’t perpetuate stereotypes. Google stereotypes and tropes for Indian people or asexuals or whoever you may be writing, and stay away from those when writing their bio.
  • Do make these characters important parts to the progression of the plot. Make them heroes. Don’t fall into the trap of making them “token” or “sidekick” characters.
  • Don’t completely ignore their marginalisation. It’s often an important aspect of their background/culture and to not include it in their bio would be unrealistic. That being said, don’t otherise. Just don’t ignore these factors completely. (see these posts: x, x)
  • Do advertise the characters specifically. Make bio promo posts and queue them frequently on your promo blog. The more people that see them, hopefully and logically, more people will want to apply for them.
  • Do mention your concerns on the main page in an admin note or similar post. Some people might be willing to change their face claim or reconsider their character’s sexuality to better the ratio.
  • Do lead by example. Make the character you play a non-cishetwhite person with a disability.

About those other resources I mentioned:

Great post for rpers out there, and definitely worth a read for other writers out there! Thank you, rphelper!





What if there are actually multiple souls in your body but you’re the most powerful one so you have control over your body and the voices you hear in your head are just the weaker souls talking to you.

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